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Your initial consultation with our firm about unpaid wages or overtime is free. When you hire our firm, you do not have to pay our firm any money unless we recover money for you. If we recover money for you, our attorney fee is determined by the percentage set forth by the Florida Supreme Court for all attorneys.

What to do if you if you have a claim for unpaid wages or overtime:

1. Get the name and address of your employer.  Sometimes the person who you think hired you for a company is actually a subcontractor for the company.  We need to identify both the employer and the subcontractor.  Written documentation is best. 

2. Get the names and addresses of all witnesses, especially your supervisor and other employees.

3. Get documentation that supports your claim.  Documents that support your claim include contracts, employment agreements, business cards, time cards, work schedules, pay stubs, W-2 forms, and 1099 forms.  If you do not get these documents, your employer may alter or destroy them.

4. Contact an attorney immediately.  These claims must adhere to procedural and legal guidelines or they may be lost.  An attorney can properly present your claims for maximum value. 

5. Take photos of the work site and employer’s office.

6. Do not sign any papers from the employer.  They want to settle your entire case for a very low sum of money.  Many employers tell people to sign documents up front, sometimes for an initial payment of money, and promise that more money will be paid letter.  In truth the papers often release them from any future payments and the person’s entire claim is lost.

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If you would like to consult our firm regarding your case, call us at 407-ATTORNEY (407-288-6763). We would like to meet with you personally, answer any questions that you have, and make copies of the important documents for your file so we can get to work immediately


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